"The Secret Techniques of Successful Exporters"

The objective of the seminar is to change the way you develop your international sales. What used to take days or weeks only a few years ago can now be accomplished within a few minutes or hours. 


Most seminars focus on trivial questions like “how to define your target markets”, “how to maximize your participation to a trade show”, “how to define your export prices”. Our seminar will rather focus on how to quickly generate international sales and how to capture market share at minimum costs. 


We often talk about export strategy, but rarely about export tactics or practical methods to develop your international sales. This is what the “The Secret Techniques of Successful Exporters” course is all about.

Course outline:

• The « Source » concept

• The « X-referencing » concept

• How to identify and use KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to develop your international business

• Do I need a local partner?

• Do NOT travel to identify potential partners

• How to support your international partners?

• The power of press releases

• The only clause that really matters in a distribution agreement

• How (not) to waste your time and money in your business development efforts



• The “pirates” - how to prevent grey imports

• The Exclusivity concept – why it is better to get engaged than to get married...

• The import duties imposed by some countries (i.e. Brazil) – how to reduce them  in order to increase your level of competitiveness

• Your competitors are helping you... How to use them to your advantage

• There’s nothing more hot than a cold call

• Google Translator – the Int’l Bus Dev Manager’s Swiss Knife

• « Perfect is the enemy of good » 

• The «Now» concept 

Why attend?

Most companies are struggling with their international sales, as they mostly use a traditional approach, which is passive and expensive (i.e. Exhibiting at some trade shows, commercial missions, etc...). It is now time to apply the principles or strategic selling to international business development. The course teaches innovative methods that anyone can use and leverages on the intelligent use of tools that today’s technology offers.

Course details

Format: 4 hours online (or in person) seminar 


Target: SMEs that want to develop their export sales. The person in charge of international sales (or more generally sales) is the one that should attend. 


Cost: $990 USD + applicable taxes

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